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 Hepcinat $1295 or Geeneric Sovaldi $1295 12 weeks 84 tablets

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Hepcinat LP $1295 – 12 weeks treatment, 84 tablets
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Hepcinat $1295 – 12 weeks treatment, 84 tablets
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generic harvoni price in india $1495 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic sovaldi price in india $695 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic epclusa price in india $2195 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic daklinza price in india $695 12 weeks 84 tablets

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Generic Harvoni, Sovaldi, Daklinza and Epclusa

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Hepcinat  or Generic Sovaldi:generic harvoni price in india $1495 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic sovaldi price in india $695 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic epclusa price in india $2195 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic daklinza price in india $695 12 weeks 84 tablets

Sovaldi is sofosbuvir 400mg manufactured by Gilead Sciences commercially available since 2013.  Its a once a day tablet to treat hepatitis C.

Please read the press article on licensed Harvoni produced in India, here.

Please read the press article on license Sovaldi produced in India, here.

FYI: Sovaldi was created in a Veterans Administration hospital laboratory in 2007 paid for by your tax dollars.

Manufacturing of Hepcinat  or Generic Sovaldi: 

Gilead Sciences has granted the license and patent for 14 Indian pharmaceutical companies to manufacture Sovaldi in return for royalties.  Sovaldi’s API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) sofosbuvir is compressed in to tablet form in manufacturing facilities in India.  The US Food and Drug Administration keeps a close eye on Indian facilities to ensure product safety & quality is not compromised.  When you buy generic Sovaldi online from India you’re buying American government approved medicine.

FYI:  Gilead Sciences spends billions of dollars a year marketing and advertising Sovaldi in the US, Canada, UK, EU and Asia, they don’t want you to buy it from India for less than $84,000.

buy generic harvoni online $1495 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic sovaldi online $695 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic epclusa online $2195 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic daklinza online $695 12 weeks 84 tabletsWhat is Sovaldi used to treat?

Sofosbuvir 400mg (Sovaldi) the molecular cornerstone of treating hepatitis C.  It is often used with ribavirin, peginterferon-alpha, simeprevir, ledipasvir or daclatasvir.  Your physician will recommend with treatment path you should follow.  Sovaldi like Harvoni, Epclusa and Daklinza are DAAs, direct acting antivirals.

DAAs have proven to be effective in combating the hepatitis C virus.  However, there have new research studies that question the safety of these drugs.  Some researchers state that DAAs have helped cure millions of hepatitis C patients around the world with very few adverse effects.  Other researchers mention that DAAs will cure hepatitis C but not cirrhosis or other liver diseases as a complication of the hepatitis C virus.

Always consult with your doctor before starting Sovaldi or any medical treatment or procedure.

Who can be treated with generic Sovaldi?generic harvoni $1495 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic sovaldi $695 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic epclusa $2195 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic daklinza $695 12 weeks 84 tablets

First consult with your gastroenterologist (GI) or primary care physician, they will inform you of your hepatitis C test results.  If you test positive, then you will have to find out what kind of hepatitis C you have.  This means taking a HCV antibody test to find out your unique genotype and further deduced to subtypes.  In most cases subtypes are not required to determine which treatment is necessary.

Genotype 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 patients can use Sovaldi (sofosbuvir 400mg) with other combinations to treat chronic hepatitis C.

Genotype 2 patients can be administered Sovaldi and weight based ribavirin.

Genotype 3 patients can be administered Sovaldi, weight based ribavirin and weekly peginterferon-alpha injections.

FYI: according to the National Institute of Health (NIH) hepatitis C subtypes 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3a and 4a are the most common in the United States and Western Europe.

generic harvoni $1495 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic sovaldi $695 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic epclusa $2195 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic daklinza $695 12 weeks 84 tabletsTo recommend treatment, your doctor will have you do a test for the viral load of the hepatitis C virus.  This test will let the doctor know if its necessary to pursue treatment or not at that time.  If the viral load is very low then most probably your doctor will hold off on treatment, due to the $85,000 cost of Sovaldi.  Read more about viral load here.  This is a very common practice for most American physicians because insurance will not cover the meds until your deathly ill and months away from death.  Technically you must have a fibroscan of 3 or greater to get insurance to cover your treatment.

Unfortunately, we have heard 100’s of stories from loved ones, if the treatment was given in time, their spouse, friend or family member would still be alive today.

generic harvoni price in india $1495 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic sovaldi price in india $695 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic epclusa price in india $2195 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic daklinza price in india $695 12 weeks 84 tablets

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How do I start the treatment with Sovaldi?

Once your doctor informs you of your genotype they will recommend Sovaldi combination therapy for treatment.

To order please fill out the chat bubble on the bottom right hand side or just call our San Diego, California number 1-858-952-1077. You can also email Melissa McKnight at

Let your physician know that you will be working with an American non profit and and Indian non governmental organization to gain access to subsidized and licensed generic Sovaldi from India.  All of our patients who have gone through our program informed their doctors about and

FYI: 95% of American doctors refer patients who have been denied by insurance or cannot afford their copay.

Who are the likely candidates for treatment with Sovaldi?buy generic harvoni online $1495 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic sovaldi online $695 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic epclusa online $2195 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic daklinza online $695 12 weeks 84 tablets

Many baby boomers, born between 1943 to 1965, have a high incidence of HCV infection.  These folks who are hepatitis C positive and have genotype 1 to 6 are the best candidates, for generic Sovaldi combination therapy.  Always consult with your doctor before beginning Direct Acting Antiviral (DAA) treatment, medical care or medical procedure.

How did the Baby Boomers get afflicted with hepatitis C?

In early to mid 1900’s in the US, hygiene and blood borne infections were not well understood.  Doctors’ often performed surgeries with unwashed hands.  During the South Korean war many doctors would operate on multiple patients without gloves and hand washing.  Essentially moving infection from one patient to another unknowingly.  Contamination by blood was common, to add insult to injury sterilization practices of medical instruments were sub par.  Hepatitis C made leaps and bounds in America during this dark age of medical and clinical science.  We now have a fighting chance with Direct Acting Antivirals like Sovaldi, Harvoni, Epclusa and Daklinza.  Its an amazing opportunity to treat an infectious disease with one pill a day for 84 days.

FYI: 75% of all baby boomers do not know they’re infected with hepatitis C

Prior to 1989, tests for hepatitis C did not exist, you were positive if you were non A & B positive.  Non A & B meant nor hepatitis A or hepatitis B, it was hepatitis but nomenclature was not designated for the infection at that time.

“Majority of the infections are NOT due to drug use, but through contaminated blood and poorly sterilized medical equipment according to new research published by Journal of American Medical Association.”

Once hepatitis C was clinically understood, screening, testing and preventative measures were put in place.  Due to the nature of the virus being highly infectious with high mortality rates, hepatitis C was finally getting the needed serious attention it deserved.

generic harvoni price in india $1495 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic sovaldi price in india $695 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic epclusa price in india $2195 12 weeks 84 tablets, generic daklinza price in india $695 12 weeks 84 tabletsAfter the Treatment with generic Sovaldi?

Your doctor will request you to take a hepatitis C viral load test usually after 8 weeks of treatment. The test should let the doctor know if the viral load in your blood has reduced after beginning treatment. Usually the virus load does reduce compared to where the viral load was before you started the treatment. This is often referred to as baseline comparison. Again, the viral load test is repeated after you complete your 12 week or 24 weeks of treatment with generic Sovaldi. Successful treatment means the viral load is undetectable in your blood. To ensure 100% success another viral load test is performed 3 months after the treatment. If the test confirms the virus is undetectable, it is termed sustained viral response or SVR.

FYI: SVR12 means sustained viral response after 12 weeks after completing treatment. SVR24 means sustained viral response after 24 weeks after completing treatment.

We have received 100’s of patients sending us lab tests stating that they have cleared the virus. We always ask our patients to take another viral load test after 12 to 18 months of treatment. This will provide great comfort to be 100% sure that the hepatitis C virus has not relapsed.

We understand that after receiving your treatment from Sunny Pharma you want to forget about this chapter in your life. However, we strongly urge you to communicate with our hepatitis C advocates by email ( or a simple phone call (1-858-952-1077) that you have cleared the virus.

We want to hear from ALL of our patients’ and their loved ones that the generic Sovaldi indeed work to cure hepatitis C.

All generic versions of Harvoni , Sovaldi and Epclusa are manufactured under the license and supervision of Gilead Sciences and the FDA.

Medical disclaimer:  Over the past year an inconclusive new study states Direct Acting Antivirals like Sovaldi, Harvoni, Epclusa, Daklinza and others can be fatal.  Please do not rely on and as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. Please consult with your physician for any and all medical treatment and medical care.

Generic Epclusa, Generic Harvoni, Generic Sovaldi and Generic Daklinza Shipping to Most countries

As of 2017, India provides over 80% of generic drugs to the American people.   The New York Times reports that India will be the #1 destination for many Americans and Europeans seeking high quality healthcare for those with limited insurance coverage.  The article also states that Online Indian Pharmacies will replace most online Canadian pharmacies.  The primary reason is Americans/Europeans will not be able to afford their prescription medicine even from Canada.

India will be one of the few safe alternatives due to its strict government regulations and low prices for quality prescription medicine.  How?  Indian pharmaceutical companies have a population base of 1.2 billion consumers and patients.

Prescription medicine from India, overall, is of high quality, easy to find, purchase and have delivered to your front door.

Our partner are Manipal Hospital (Mayo Clinic), Wockhardt Hospitals in association with Harvard Medical International.

Sunny Pharma Partner Clinics and Hospitals

If you’re planning to come to India for medicine and medical care, we provide Full Concierge Service from most Indian International Airports to your hotel or residence apartment.  We will be available 24/7 when you’re in India.

Please let us know all necessary details in advance so we can efficiently cater to your needs.

If you want to schedule a time to talk to  a doctor, pharmacist or advocate, we’re here 24 hours a day, 1-858-952-1077 and by email at

   A Personal Letter to Our Community

Dear HCV Patients & Loved Ones:

 We want to do our best to reach the affected hepatitis C/HCV population in the most efficient manner.  (We require more volunteers, patient outreach coordinators/specialists.)

We understand, that many patients’ and their families and friends have had a difficult time getting approval for Daklinza, Sovaldi, Epclusa or Harvoni through their insurance companies.  The big insurance companies tell us we don’t have a chance unless our fibroscan is 3 or greater.

Who wants to wait until their liver is more compromised and diseased to see if they’re eligible for treatment.

Talk to your doctor first and then make the commitment to get treated with a licensed generic that is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. 

We strongly believe that all individuals have a right to life and access to medical care and medicine wherever they reside.

In today’s world, there is no reason that anyone that is relatively mobile can have access to affordable treatment and medical care anywhere in the world.

We as a community should not be limited to access due to our residence in a country where hepatitis C/HCV treatment is $95,000 to $190,000.  There are options and those options should be carefully weighed and exercised.  Its a matter of life and death and should not and will not be based on financial means.

Contemplating the costs and affordability of specialty medicines causes much grief and undue stress on the physiology and psychology of the patient as well as their loved ones.  The stress effects everyone in the close knit network of the patient.  There is no need to make compromises on your health when there is affordable treatment available.

Our country’s legislators, insurance lobbyists and pharmaceutical lobbyists work tirelessly to make Epclusa, Harvoni, Daklinza and Sovaldi out of reach for 90% of the population.  Is that fair?  Is that just? 

The nouveau response to accessing Sovaldi, Harvoni, Epclusa or Daklinza is to get a mortgage like loan to pay for the medication.  This idea was concocted from some of the most prestigious universities’ professors in the US.  They’re adding insult to injury and pretty much plain disregard to our hepatitis C communities.

Please do not wait for our law makers and the lobbyists to develop a moral compass that will benefit you in obtaining life saving generic hepatitis C treatments.  We hope and pray that it will happen, but we’re not holding our breath. 

Lucia P
Hepatitis C Activist

Hepatitis C activist wants to have access to affordable treatment.