Cost of Harvoni

Cost of Harvoni 

We all know that the cost of Harvoni is really out of reach for most of us.  In the US it is $94,000.  To our Southern neighbor, Harvoni cost in Mexico is around $82,000.  And to our North, cost of Harvoni in Canada is $92,000.  Pretty much anywhere in the Western or the developed world, the prices for Harvoni are astronomical.  Harvoni is manufactured by Gilead Sciences in the US.  In India, its manufactured by several Indian pharmaceutical companies, that were granted the patent and license by Gilead.  Harvoni main active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are ledipasvir 90mg and sofosbuvir 400mg.

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There is a rumor that cost of Harvoni maybe reduced.  In reality it doesn’t matter unless you will pay the co-pay of $18,000 to $35,000 to get Harvoni.  It would be much safer (reduce wait time) and financially intelligent to get the licensed generic from India.  We helped 1000’s of patients get cured and live a happy life without hepatitis C.  Gilead gave the patent to have India manufacture it for a fraction of the price, around $1000.

If you are looking to get Harvoni and do not want to wait for your liver to get worse (higher fibroscan) get started today.

Harvoni Cost In Mexico, US and Canada

With the high prices of Hep C treatment, the people are seeking out other options. Nobody would think that their government would allow a drug company to galge their people for a pill that could save their life.

After being denied by their insurance providers, those who suffer are taking matters into their own hands. Waiting for you liver to be wrecked, and showing signs of cirrhosis to get treatment is not an option.  Don’t let the cost of Harvoni slow you down, its not worth it.

The government does allow people to import meds for personal use. But why won’t they help people gain access to generics? This unanswered question leads Mexican, Canadian and American people to search for meds online.

Why Is The Cost of Harvoni So High?

The cost of Harvoni is ridiculously high because state healthcare systems MUST pay for this life saving medicine.  You have to think about it this way; the law stipulates that anyone with hepatitis C that is under state healthcare like Medicaid or Medicare must be treated if a treatment is available.  So, when Harvoni was made available as its predecessor Sovaldi, hep c patients had to be treated, regardless of price.

So, how many patients could be treated with Harvoni in a specific state?  Well, as you very well heard that many healthcare budgets around the country almost went bust due to pricey Harvoni and Sovaldi.

Approximately $1 billion was spent to cure 700,000 patients on Medicare.  Less than 3% of the country’s hepatitis C population was treated.   Senator Chuck Grassley on the 2014 Sovaldi report on this matter deserves a once over.

Gilead Sciences used this method to increase substantial profits in the years 2013 to 2017.  It will continue, unless they face stiff competition from AbbVie’s Mavyret.

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Even though for you and I the cost of Harvoni in India is a lot less, for Indians living on less than a dollar a day, $1000 is equivalent to $150,000 to cure their hep C.

Help a Child with HCV with the Low Cost of Harvoni

As HCV advocates, we feel extremely fortunate to have access to Harvoni at a very low price.  Your support can help us make an impact on one American child suffering with hepatitis C.  As an American non profit we feel its our duty to provide atleast one course of hepatitis C medications to a child in the US, every month.  A child should not needlessly be stigmatized for having hep C.  Why not eliminate the hepatitis C virus early on, so the child could go on live a normal and healthy social life.

In addition, the child that receives a course of hep C meds from us will not have any complications associated with HCV.