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Epclusa Price  

Ever since the life saving drug Epclusa hit the market, the Hep C community has been wondering. Why the high cost? Even with the high price tag, thousands have been able to access the drug clearing themselves of the virus.

But what about those that can’t afford this hep C cure? Luckily most Americans have some form of insurance, which makes Epclusa somewhat affordable. There are still tens of thousands of Americans without insurance though.

Even if insurance will cover a portion of the cost, companies will still wait as long as they can before helping those in need. Part of the reason is because of the price. Some patients have even had to wait until cirrhosis of the liver sets in before insurance will get them treatment.

Currently the average cost of Epclusa is $890 per pill. With most hep C treatments being 12 weeks, patients are forced to pay around $75,000. Most folks just can’t afford to cover the price of Epclusa, so what can they do?


Epclusa Generic 

Those that are left feeling helpless have sought out other options. At this time the best alternative is finding a way to access the generic version of Epclusa. Without insurance this is obviously the best way to cure yourself. But many people that have insurance still get denied by their provider, pushing them towards generics.

People in tier 1 countries have been purchasing generics abroad for decades. With the price of Epclusa as high as it is, even WebMD hints that you should buy overseas. If you decided to go that route, you definitely wouldn’t be the first.

Epclusa can treat genotypes 1 through 6, but if you are seeking another form of treatment for Hep C, buying online would be your most affordable option. Patients have also been able to access generic Sovaldi and Harvoni with ease.

Where To Buy Epclusa 

If you have the funds, then you can buy Epclusa straight from Gilead’s website. But let’s be honest, most of us will need to look for the generics. Since the cost of generic Eplcusa is $2495 online it seems like the only feasible option, and to most it is.

As you may already know, India is the leading manufacturer of all generic medicine. Since Gilead came out with Epclusa, India has been providing the world with the same pill at a fraction of the cost.

The best way to acquire the Epclusa generics is buying them online. We are a licensed pharmacy which offers the cure for those on a budget. Of course there are several individual sellers and online pharmacies, but who should you get them from?

Be Wary Of Individual Sellers

Yes there are many great people out there that try to serve the world by providing meds at a low cost. They range from people who have cured themselves, to even those that just want to profit from facilitating the sale. But why should you purchase from a licensed pharmacy?

Individuals have helped many people, but sometimes it comes at an extra cost. Without a solid distribution systems set up, you may have to wait much longer for your treatment. Many patients need their meds ASAP, and most indivisual sellers will have a time frame of 6 to 8 weeks.

As always, we recommend you do your own research before even thinking of making a purchase. More importantly, check with your healthcare physician before taking any medications.

If you have any further questions about generics or how to get them, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-858-952-1077. You can also visit our frequently asked questions for more information.