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Harvoni Treatment

Harvoni has become one the most expensive drugs in America and many other countries. The outrageous Harvoni price has lead people to look for generic versions from other countries at a fraction of the cost.

Medical Tourism? Or Buy Harvoni Online?

There are multiple ways people have been obtaining their generic Harvoni. Medical tourism has been on of the main ways patients have been able to acquire the treatment they need.

As popular as medical tourism is, many people still can’t afford the price tag. People who choose to get their treatment through medical tourism usually make a vacation out of it.

But many people that have been getting their Hep C meds from other countries can’t necessarily afford the trip. Although it is still way cheaper than buying the product straight from Gilead, it can still be costly for some.

Buying generic Harvoni online has been easier and cheaper for thousands of people. All you have to do is find a reputable seller, and you can have the meds sent straight to your front door.

Ultimately you will have to make the decision based on your personal funds, the intensity of your hep C symptoms and the health of your liver.

Harvoni Generic Name 

The names for generics depend on the brand manufacturing the drug. The two main makers of the pills are Natco Pharma and DR Reddy’s. Not only are they the leading manufacturers of generic Harvoni, but they are the leaders for all generic Hep C drugs.

Reputable Generic Names 

  • Hepcinat LP Made by Natco Pharma harvoni generic name, generic name for harvoni, harvoni generic, generic harvoni, harvoni india, harvoni price, harvoni cost, harvoni price in india, hepcinat lp price in india, sovaldi price in india
  • Resof-L- Made by Dr Reddy’s

Both of these brands are undoubtedly reliable. They have saved thousands of lives, and are a real game changer for the Hep C community.

How Can I Trust The Online Distributor?

The following lists the best ways to find reputable sellers.

  • Testimonials- See if the seller has case studies showing the cure rate of the generics they sell.
  • Check to see if they are a licensed pharmacy- There are many sellers to choose from. Some of them are operating illegally without a license.
  • Don’t order API’s- API stands for “Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient”. Countries such as Australia, Bangladesh and China use API’s to make the drugs very cheap for their own people. API’s are not as effective as the licensed generics.

Generally people have had great success ordering an array of drugs online. Using the tips listed above will help you greatly in finding a reliable source, but you will have to use your own intuition.

What’s The Generic Harvoni Cure Rate?

Generic Harvoni is licensed to Indian manufactures to make for low income countries. You will not have to worry if the meds will work or not, as long as they are purchased from a reputable seller.

Harvoni is made for people with genotypes 1, 4, 5, and 6. The cure rate of the drug is over 95% making it one of the most effective cures for Hepatitis C.

Not only has the does Harvoni generics have a high cure rate, but they also have much lower side effects. Most if any are very mild, and some patients report no side effects at all.