Help Cure a Child with Hepatitis C

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According Dr. Narkewicz of the Hepatitis C Liver Foundation, 23,000 to 46,000 are infected with hepatitis C in the US.

Hepatitis C is rare in children, approximately 0.15% of six to eleven years old and 0.4 percent in twelve to 19 years old.

Most children acquire hepatitis C during birth. Usually from mother to child transmission or vertical transmission.  One in twenty chance a mother will pas on her hepatitis C infection to her child.

Our goal is to help as many children in the US overcome hepatitis C before they reach adulthood.  We want to remove the stigma of hepatitis C so they can live a normal and healthy life.

For every order you place with us we will donate hepatitis C treatment to a needy child through our non profit networks.

Please visit this site for more up to date information in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Most importantly thank you for supporting our non profit & NGO efforts to help eliminate hepatitis C in children.

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