There is now a Hep C Cure.

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Believe it or not, many people (hepatitis c patients) and some doctors in the US have not heard about a hep C cure.

Yes, we were shocked when we hear from patients my doctor didn’t know there was a hep c cure!! We were dumbfounded, how could this be?

With so many ads asking baby boomers to take tests for the hepatitis C virus in magazines, newspapers, television news, social media platforms and at hospitals and doctor’s clinics….

We want to reiterate that there is a hep C cure and its pretty effective for most of the population in the United States, because of their respective genotype of the hepatitis C virus.

Hep C Cure, Costs & Challenges

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Michael Sofia of Pharmassett discovered the molecule sofosbuvir in his laboratory back in 2007. Some say Dr. Sofia actually discovered or engineered the molecule at his day job’s laboratory at the Veterans Administration.

The discovery of sofosbuvir was contentious because if it was discovered in a VA lab (US government employer) then the discovery would belong to the American people. Why is that important?

The price of sofosbuvir in the US is approximately $84,000 for 84 tablets, 12 weeks treatment. Which would make the cost of a hep C cure not financially feasible.

Sofosbuvir’s patent then belongs to Pharmassett, Dr. Sofia’s company. Gilead Sciences purchased the patent and Pharmassett for 11 billion.

Clinical Trials of the New Hep C Cure

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Gilead then put the magic molecule through US government mandated clinical trials for FDA approval. The success rate of sofosbuvir was over 95% to 97% to cure hepatitis C. A remarkable achievement that can now pave the path for hepatitis C treatment and cure.

Cost of Hep C Treatment

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The public and 2016 US Presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump recommended price controls for specialty medications.

Price controls were not mandated but the topic was debated vociferously on social media, forums and news media websites.

Insurance companies were able to negotiate the price of hepatitis C medications for about 50% of the cost of hep C treatments. If sofosbuvir based drug Sovaldi cost $84,000 it would be available to the insurance companies for $45,000.

Depending on the insurance provider, the cost of Sovaldi could be 100% subsidized or a copay of $15,000 to $35,000 which must be absorbed by the patient.

Not all patients had access to the hep C cure. Most insured hepatitis C patients had to have a relatively high fibroscan to be eligible for treatment. It was double edged sword, if the fibroscan was too high, the hep C medications may not work. If it was too low, then the patient would be denied coverage for HCV meds.

Only 16% of patients received coverage for hepatitis C treatment from insurance companies.

US State Health Budgets Go Bust

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US government healthcare law mandates that if a treatment or cure is available to the public at large, state governments MUST provide treatment and care. Approximately 4 million individuals in the US have hepatitis C and majority of them do not know they are carrying the hepatitis C virus.

Those aware that they are infected with hepatitis C and are on state healthcare like Medicaid and Medicare are eligible for hepatitis C treatment. State healthcare budgets were burdened by the towering costs of HCV treatment and their budgets were compromised. Nine state healthcare budgets went bust and not all approved patients received treatment.

Hep C Cure is Available and Affordable

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Many patients in the US, UK, European Union and developed nations in Asia are actively pursuing other options. These options for life saving hep C treatments can come at a cost physically, emotionally and financially. Patients must have an approach that helps them get their hepatitis C medicines without any compromise. Often times, they’re in dire straits where they or a loved one requires treatment immediately. Its a do or die situation.

As a result many websites and pharmacies are offering generic hep C treatments like Sovaldi, Harvoni, Epclusa and Daklinza at rock bottom prices. Some as low as $500 which is unreasonable and most often fake. Other websites offer 12 week course for $3000, which also maybe fake. Most of these websites do not employ sound Western business practices like customs support, shipment tracking, native English language customer service and a telephone number. These are just some of the red flags associated with these websites offering hep C medications.

We believe the most important way to ensure transparency and accountability is to have 100% money back guarantee and have licensure in the country you are operating out of. Our non profit status in the US and a licensed Non Profit (NGO) and pharmacy in India is the definition of transparency & accountability.

Soul of Healing USA, Soul of Healing India and Sunny Pharma are philanthropic organizations designed, developed and structured for hepatitis C patients’ treatment and cure.

Hepatitis C patients, physicians, universities hospitals & clinics, governments, hepatitis C support groups from around the world have come to us for hepatitis C medications.

Hep C cure is possible and you too can be free of hepatitis C in 12 weeks or less.