Is Hepatitis C Curable?

Hepatitis C, once upon a time, about 3 years ago, was very difficult to treat or cure.  The prevailing treatment at that time was peg-interferon alpha and ribavirin.  Success rate was pretty small and the treatment was very difficult for most hepatitis C patients.  It was unbearable and often likened to chemotherapy.

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Today, that is no longer an issue.  Most, hepatitis C is curable, approximately 95% off all cases and for most genotypes.  This is all possible due to Dr. Michael Sofia of Pharmasset, that was later sold to Gilead Sciences for $11 billion!!  The drug Dr. Sofia invented was called sofosbuvir, which won many awards in the scientific community.  Dr. Sofia essentially became a hero overnight.


Sofosbuvir is now manufactured on a large scale around the world to successfully treat all types (genotypes) of hepatitis C.  The only problem with sofosbuvir in the US, it costs $84,000.  The brand name of sofosbuvir is Sovaldi.  Sofosbuvir is also used in Harvoni, which is another popular treatment for hepatitis C.  Epclusa also contains sofosbuvir, the latter two brand name drugs mentioned cost about $95,000 give or take $5,000 to $10,000.

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Yes, astronomical prices for life saving medicine that was once not treatable.  Good news is the exact same hepatitis C treatment is available for a fraction of the price.  You can read more about that here.

Take Away

In conclusion, the days of not being able to treat hepatitis C are history.  Today, all hepatitis C treatments like Sovaldi, Harvoni and Epclusa do a great job of treating the hepatitis C virus.  The licensed generic versions in India do exactly the same thing.  Our American non profit with our partner Indian NGO & pharmacy partner guarantee 100% money back if you don’t clear the virus.  Get tested and be cured from this highly infectious disease while the treatment is still affordable.

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