Hepcinat LP

Hepcinat LP

Since Hepcinat LP was first manufactured, it has became one of the leading generic Hepatitis C drugs on the market. It has been a huge part in curing people with genotypes 1,4,5 and 6.

The International brand name (non-generic) is Harvoni. The high cost of Harvoni has forced many people to search abroad for the generic version.

Harvoni and Hepcinat LP have saved thousands of lives. Not only have they cured many patients, but these DAA’s have made treatment much easier.

With a high cure rate of 93% to 95%, Harvoni and it’s generic Hepcinat LP come with little to no side effects.

Hepcinat LP Price In India 

Today it is no secret that you can acquire Indian generics for a much cheaper price. With the cost of Harvoni averaging around $94,000, people around the world have been weighing their options.

The price of Hepcinat LP in India is currently $1495. The price difference makes taking the chance of buying Indian generics a no brainer.

Hep C patients have been acquiring generic Harvoni by

  • Flying to India where it’s manufactured (which can be costly)
  • Going on medical tourism trips to resorts in nearby countries that have stocked up on the drug (costly, but easier for some)
  • Ordering from online pharmacies (easiest option by far)

Flying to India for Treatment

As some would think that taking the trip to India would be the best method, some would have to say otherwise. Not only will the round-trip plane ticket add to the costs, unless you know a trusted distributor it may be best to save yourself the money. Many people still take this approach and have had great success.

Medical Tourism In Nearby Countries

This method of getting cured is still quite popular. Medical tourism has played a big part in helping people access medication they need, while also making a trip out of it. It been used to get prescription drugs, surgeries, and dental work done at a much cheaper price. While this method of accessing drugs and treatment is still alive and well, it is losing popularity from people seeking only medication.

Ordering from Online Pharmacies

Online pharmacies have made a huge impact for people that are searching for prescription drugs. With all of the new pharmacies making access to expensive prescription meds much easier and cheaper. It has made traveling unnecessary in many cases. Instead of traveling making treatment more expensive, people order online and have their meds sent to their door in a matter of days.hepcinat lp, hepcinat lp price in india, hepcinat lp buy, hepcinat lp price, hepcinat lp online, harvoni cost, harvoni price, buy hepcinat lp online

Buy Hepcinat LP Online

Online pharmacies have made Hepcinat LP much more accessible. But how can you know who to trust?

The number of online pharmacies are growing everyday. Knowing which pharmacies you can trust is becoming more challenging. Now that anyone in a foreign country can open their own pharmacy, you have to know who’s trustworthy.

The safest way to choose is checking who they are registered with. Choosing a licensed pharmacy that would face consequences with your government is a good option. Do your research before choosing who to give your money to. It will save you a lot of time and headaches.