New Hepatitis C Treatment Approved by FDA: Mavyret


mavyret the new hepatitis c treatment that can cure within 8 weeks

  • Mavyret is used to treat hepatitis C by AbbVie.
  • Mavyret is an 8 week treatment for all genotypes of hepatitis C.
  • Mavyret cost for, 8 week course, 56 tablets is only $26,400.
    For 12 weeks’ treatment $39,600, 16 weeks’ treatment $52,800.
  • Mavyret is more affordable than Sovaldi, Harvoni, Epclusa and Daklinza.
  • AbbVie will focus on getting insurers to only provide Mavyret rather than the competitors. It will do this by providing 50% off on treatment costs.
  • AbbVie will also focus on getting coverage for Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans Administration.
  • Clinical study show for Mavyret that 97.5% of adult patients are cured, only those without cirrhosis. 98% of those with kidney damage were cured after 12 weeks of treatment.
  • Mavyret is made up of two hepatitis C treatments glecaprevir and pibrentasvir, taken as three pills together once a day.
  • Mavyret side effects were nausea, fatigue, headache and itchy skin.
  • Hepatitis B patients that also have hepatitis C that take Mavyret can reactivate that virus causing fatal liver damage.