What Our Patients Want From Us?

 The Study:

We wanted to find out what makes our patients want to work with us compared to other organizations and websites.  We emailed our survey to 3489 previous patients that worked with us and 942 responded.  You can read the results below.

The Demographics:

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  • 770 email respondents were from the United States.
  • 84 email respondents were from the UK
  • 67 email respondents were from Italy
  • 19 email respondents from Europe, Asia, Central & South America, Middle East and Africa.

The Results:

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  • 91% of our patients wanted increased trust and have a guarantee that it will in fact cure their hepatitis C.
  • 6% of our patients wanted more information on post treatment options on health and nutrition.
  • 3% of our patients asked if they could help promote us.

The Conclusion:

Overwhelmingly, the issue of trust & a Guarantee was the most pressing for our patients.

We went to the Board of Trustees at Soul of Healing USA and Soul of Healing India to ask what can we do to increase trust from our prospective patients that visit our websites.

After contemplating the challenge for almost 2 weeks, the Board unanimously decided it is a must to implement a 100% money back guarantee for all hepatitis C treatments that is procured through SunnyPharma.org.

No excuses, no denials, a complete refund minus shipping charges if they are a naive (untreated previously) patient looking to cure their hepatitis C.

The decision to take this path to ultimate accountability (on hepatitis C treatments) has differentiated our organization in the most positive and beneficial way for our patients.

Read more about our 100% Money Back Guarantee here.