Sofosbuvir Prices Around the World Explained

One Kg (kilogram/2.2 pounds) of sofosbuvir, the API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) is going for approximately $210.  Let’s synthesize 10 tons, how much would that cost.  Probably $20 a Kg maximum.

Especially if you’re making millions of tablets everyday, as Gilead is doing.  We believe it probably costs around at the high end, $6 for 34 grams of sofosbuvir, which is one regimen to treat a hepatitis C patient.

Sofosbuvir Prices by Country

Sofosbuvir prices around the world are always changing.  France no longer charges its citizen’s for hepatitis C treatment based on sofosbuvir.

Australians now can get their hep c meds for less than $6, yes six dollars only.  The only problem with Australia is that they get the active ingredient of hep c medications from China.  Chinese sofosbuvir has been questionable in the past.

Egypt now provides treatment for only $200 but it questionable, we receive many calls from Egypt for licensed Gilead hep C meds from India.

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“Gilead global pricing model is based on a country’s ability to pay.”

-Greg Alton,
Executive Vice President of
Corporate and Medical Affairs
Gilead Sciences


Sofosbuvir price is probably the lowest ever in history.  Why?  The demand to treat hepatitis C patients around the world has pushed chemical manufacturing companies to compete heavier to reduce costs.

Governments around the world have embraced sofosbuvir as the number one treatment for their country’s hepatitis C populations.

Sofosbuvir with ledipasvir or sofosbuvir taken with ribavirin or sofosbuvir & daclatasvir combo, sofosbuvir & ledipasvir has helped 100’s of thousands if not millions of patients get access to a hepatitis C cure.

Although prices are EXTREMELY high in most developed countries, but they’re also very high in poor countries as well.  It may cost $1000 in India but the average Indians’ salary is about $300 a year.  So, its not affordable for Indians either.

As Americans and Westerners we are truly luck to have access to hepatitis C medications that are a fraction of the cost from FDA licensed pharmaceutical companies in India.

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