World Health Organization Mandate


Sunny Pharma and Care Exim and WHO Medicine Quality Assurance Program

  • We have been mandated by the Board of Directors of Soul of Healing – USA and Board of Trustees of Soul of Healing – India to implement a quality assurance program in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) standards.
  • Due to the active pharmaceutical ingredients or API, sofosbuvir is now listed as an Essential Medicines with the WHO, new protocols must be adhered to.  Sofosbuvir is the active ingredient in all the treatments we provide.
  • All pharmaceuticals that are distributed must undergo strict quality assurance that adheres to the following product categories:
    • development
    • quality control
    • production
    • distribution
    • inspections
  • What all this means is, we had to spend more in manpower, technology/software, laboratory equipment, testing and training.  As a result the prices of all hepatitis C treatments have gone up.  We stand by and accept this new standard of accountability and transparency for the patients we serve. 
  • There are other websites that provide cheaper prices for hepatitis C treatments and are uncertain if they are regulated by the US government or the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Our standards must be maintained due to audits by US government, FDA, Indian Government and the Indian Drug Council.